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Established in 2003,Guangzhou Special Paper Co.,Ltd(GZSPP, the company may source to its precursor: Maofa Paper which was established on July 1999) is specialized in production and processing of paper,paper products and printing materials. We have a wide range of papers. Our main products include:Pearlescent paper,Pearl paper, metallic paper,Leather paper,Leatherette paper,faux leatherette paper,Soft touch paper, skin touch paper,Colored paperboard (black /blue/red/coffee),Grey board Grey chipboard ,Embossed white cardboard,Tracing paper,Conqueror Texture paper,Art coated paper ,Food wrapping paper ,Kraft papers,Corrugated paper etc!
Currently we have 3 Series of paper on hot sale: Crystal, Blue Tone and Fairwhale. At the same time we supply many imported name brandS such as: FOXRIVER、MOHAWK、OOXFORD、BECKETT(STARTHMORE)、ARJOWIGGINS、ASTROM)、ZANDERS、FEDRIGONI、IGGESUND A/C/G、 BILLERUD and etc.
We are specialized in production and processing of all kinds of embossing paper and decorative paper by offering tailored service for our customers. We are working towards a first class paper resource platform in China by sharing with customers one stop service (courier station service) to forge our name brand”ZHiYiZhan (Paper Courier Station).Where should you look for your special paper? The Answer is ZhiYiZhan( Paper Courier Station)-Guangzhou Special Paper Co.,Ltd.
ZhiYiZhan (Paper Courier Station) Adds Colourful Life For The Earth!

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Regarding the company’s talent philosophy, its best demonstration of the boss’s inquiry to himself at the beginning of the company foundation: “what is the best employee for a company? The Answer is Boss & his hero colleagues.” Then he tries his best to provide an environment that his colleagues can be heroes themselves and work on their own.
Make every employee believe in that work for themselves rather than their boss. Make work as life style is the common value of the employee.

People in Guangzhou Special Paper Co.,Ltd

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Reputation First, Quality Reliable,Customer First, Customer Satisfied

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