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What are the common categories of special paper?

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Special paper and ordinary printing paper there is a certain difference in printing effect, common specialty paper, carbonless copy paper, munken, embossed paper, paper, water pressure paper, parchment, synthetic paper, paper etc.. The following is a brief introduction to parchment, press paper and synthetic paper. Plant parchment (sulphuric acid paper)



(Plant parchment)


Plant parchment


Vegetable parchment is the plant fiber manufactured paper with sulfuric acid treatment, a modified processing paper to change their original properties. Translucent paper, stomatal less tough paper and close, but also on the waxing, coating, embossing or wrinkling process. It is easy to confuse the appearance and tracing paper. Because it is a translucent paper, parchment paper in modern design, usually used for books or paper lining, so you can better highlight the theme and, in line with modern trends. Sometimes it is also used as the title page of books or pictorial books. The printing of gold, silver, or print on a sulphuric acid paper is unique. It is generally used in high grade picture books.




1)The characteristics of the press paper

 By means of mechanical or embossed crepe paper, forming concave convex pattern on the surface of paper or paperboard. The press paper improves its decorative effect by embossing and makes the paper more textured. In recent years, embossed printing paper and the surface of the more common, offset paper, coated paper, white paper, white cardboard color dyeing paper before printing embossing (lines), as a "embossed printing paper, can greatly improve the paper grades, but also to the sales of paper comes with a higher added value. Many paper sheets used in soft packaging often use pre or post press lines to improve the visual effect of packaging and improve the value of goods. Press grain processing has become an important method for paper processing in Hefei printing plant.


(Press paper)


2)The processing method of press paper


There are two methods for the processing of the paper. First, after the paper is produced, the pattern is increased by mechanical means, and becomes the embossed paper. Secondly, after the flat base paper is dried, the embossing machine is further processed, and then passes through the pressure of two rollers. One roller has embossed patterns, and the paper will be stamped and printed after passing. Because the textured paper has a deep texture, it is usually printed only on the side of the paper.

Synthetic paper is made of synthetic resin (such as PP, PE, PS) as the main raw material, through a certain process to melt, by extrusion, extending into a thin film and paper processing, given its natural plant fiber whiteness, opacity and printability of the obtained materials. The general synthetic paper is divided into two main categories: one is fiber synthetic paper, the other is thin film system paper.


(Synthetic paper)


The synthetic paper has no difference from the natural plant fiber paper in appearance. The film synthetic paper has been penetrated into the market of advanced printing paper, and it can adapt to many printing presses. The synthetic paper used in the market now refers only to the film - based synthetic paper. If the books, advertisements, and instructions printed with synthetic paper are not marked, the general consumers can not see the difference between them and ordinary paper.

Synthetic paper has excellent performance in printing, printing does not occur when the "break" phenomenon; concave convex surface of the synthetic paper presents small, has a great help to improve the transparency and printability of paper; synthetic image reconstruction, mesh point clear, soft colors, size stability, aging is not easy. It is worth noting that, in the use of offset printing, the printing plant should use professional synthetic paper offset ink.

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